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Of Note: Let It Snow

Posted in Of Note on Etsy by Allie on November 21, 2012


We froze our butts off at attended the Santa Claus parade this weekend, I’m off to put my winter tires on this week, I’m no longer appalled when I see Christmas things in stores…I guess it’s time. Let it snow? Wait. Please whisk me off to some lovely secluded cabin in the woods filled with woollens first? Thought not. Oh well. Let it snow anyway.

Happy Wednesday.

















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Spring Forward

Posted in Just Sayin' by Allie on March 29, 2011

{Buddy on our deck around this time last year.}

I know I live in Canada and I really should expect snow even into May, but I’m just sick of it. I never really say this. Usually spring takes me by surprise. But this year we got a taste for warmth and then it was snatched away. This often happens, but this time the cold snap stayed.

I want to be out on my deck. I want to hang out at the beach with Addie and Toddles all day. I want to plant, clean, renovate. I’m going stir crazy.

Go away, Winter. We’re all done.

Winter’s almost here.

Posted in home life, in the kitchen by Allie on November 26, 2010


We got our first real cold snap today, but I’m  trying to hang on to fall by turning the last of the last of the apples from my parents’ backyard into a cake and some applesauce. The crop was oh so delicious and juicy this year.

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