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Vintage Quilt Square Soft Cube # 2

Posted in baby, Crafting by Allie on June 21, 2010


I made this second fabric cube, and this time I topstitched the seams so it would be more square, because I didn’t like how the last one came out so round. (It doesn’t really look round in the pictures, because I pressed it for the pictures, but it does after washing.) Thing is, I think I like the clean lines of the first one better. I still have enough quilt squares to make one more cube. What do you think? To topstitch or not to topstitch?

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Vintage Quilt Square Soft Cube

Posted in crafty, sewing by Allie on February 27, 2010

I pieced this little guy together out of vintage quilt squares as I was brushing my teeth this morning. Literally. I had the toothbrush in my mouth the whole time.

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