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Of Note: My Snowy Valentine

Posted in Of Note on Etsy by Allie on February 13, 2013


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, folks. There was a time when I would have been planning a quiet, but definite night *out* on the town for my Valentine and myself—the museum, a restaurant, a movie. But now……I am looking forward staying in, curling up with my love and staying warm. But that doesn’t mean things can’t get a little hot.

Happy Wednesday. Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day.

















Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Posted in Just Sayin' by Allie on February 14, 2011
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Of Note: Valentine’s Day

Posted in Of Note on Etsy by Allie on February 9, 2011



1. Pink Hearts Garland by My Crochet Shop

2. Live, Laugh, Love, Sing And Be Happy by Niki Milns

3. Heart and Arrow T-Shirt by Rabbit Apparel

4. You Are My Match by Tortoise Loves Donkey

5. Sweetheart Vintage Textile Bunting by Monkey Puzzle

6. 1890 – The Heart from Stories and Divinations

7. Arrow Ring by Miju [* LOVE this]

8. Arrow Heart by Lunahoo

9. Love Grows by life through the lens photography

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Posted in home life, on boys by Allie on February 16, 2010

In all the vALLENtine vandals excitement, I forgot to say how in love I am with these two guys. I am so grateful I have them. Incidentally, they ordered flowers for me and had them delivered to Mississiberia on Valentine’s Day. Love, love, LOVE.

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vALLANtine vandals

Posted in crafty by Allie on February 14, 2010

I saw someone do a project like this on the webbernets last year and knew immediately, that next year, I wanted to do the same thing. I can’t find the link anymore, so I don’t remember if it was a yarnbombing sort of thing, or an altruistic thing; I just remember pictures of a snowy, tree-lined street, and scarves. Lots and lots of scarves. How great would it be to hang scarves around the city for people who need them to take and wear?!

We live in a great house in Toronto on the wrong side of the tracks (in fact, one of our local parks is considered the most dangerous part of the city), so we see our fair share of disadvantaged folks around. We take many walks in our neighbourhood, and these people are actually quite sweet to us. They’re … characters. They really like Mr. S, and Addie’s always a hit. There’s the guy who carries a full set of harmonicas on a belt, the guy who offers Addie his sandwich (and plays with her in the off-leash area), and several ladies who smile at Samson when we walk by. Whatever disputes these people have, they keep it to themselves. I wanted to help these people.

So, yesterday we headed out to Allan Gardens (see, I didn’t mispell it!), a local park frequented by these folks, and started hanging!

I wish it could be a more spectacular display, and sadly, not all the scarves I put out were handknit, but I hope someone is a bit warmer because of these scarves. Next year, I’m asking for donations so I can have one scarf for every tree in Allan Gardens.

Happy Valentine’s Day .

* There is some confusion surrounding the spelling of Allan/Allen Gardens. Google maps says one thing, Toronto’s site says another. I’m trying to put it right.

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