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Crafty: Upcycled Hooded Toddler Towel

Posted in Crafting by Allie on March 17, 2011

My parents got these green and blue towels around the time they got married – over thirty years ago. It’s true, they just don’t make towels like they used to. They accompanied us on many trips to the beach, camping, and to the pool. To me, these towels scream summer. It was sad day when they got ratty enough that my mom “graduated” them to dog towels, but these towels would not die. They wiped Wolf, and were still around for Addie.  If it weren’t for the fraying edges, I’d use them on myself and other humans.

As Samson started swimming lessons we needed a larger rotation of baby towels than the two we had, so I got an idea. The towels went from this: My mom and I at the beach.


To This: Wolf at the cottage after a swim.


To this: A hooded toddler towel!



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Before Upcycling Was Cool, Part 2

Posted in Nostalgia, on growing up by Allie on July 20, 2010

As promised ages ago, here are pictures of my Dad’s hipster cool upcycled book shelves—made from bricks, cinder blocks and wooden planks. Sorry, these really were the best photos of them. Though I guess a picture of me busting a move isn’t so bad until you find out that as a kid, I thought I was psychic because I could “predict” when the next drum beat was coming in pop songs on the radio. Yes, I am the perfect mixture of my dad (musical) and my mom (level of musicality ends at being able to tell when the band is playing and when it is not).

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Before upcycling was cool

Posted in crafty, Nostalgia by Allie on April 13, 2010

Before upcycling was cool my mom made this toy box for me. She covered a cylindrical box in shelf liner—can you guess what she repurposed to make it?



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