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Riverdale Farm

Posted in on Toronto by Allie on August 3, 2011

I am not political. I am a right-leaning liberal to left-leaning conservative, and have never really found “my guy” in the political sphere. (West Wing’s Alan Alda would be my president of choice.) When Mayor Ford was elected, though I did not vote for him, I chose to be optimistic. I was not surprised when Mayor Ford decided to skip the Pride Parade, and frankly, chose to be moved by things more pertinent to me. (Really—who wants a homophobe at the Pride Parade anyway?) The recent issues surrounding the addition and removal of bike lanes around Toronto seem (at times) hysterical to me. And honestly, I think Toronto could stand to lose a few crappy libraries. And the libraries that are left don’t need to turn a profit, but they could stand to lose a few crappy money pit services so that the libraries we have left have the breathing room to be excellent.

But when I heard about KPMG suggesting Toronto should get out of the business of running Riverdale Farm, I fumed; I boiled, which is very atypical for me. I angrily typed to Hubby: Yes, let’s get rid of Riverdale Farm. Let the kids of one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Toronto sell drugs instead. Good idea. But, I admit, I read the report for myself and cooled off. This post got shelved. It almost got deleted. Could this just be more of the anti-Ford media pushing my buttons? So far I’ve only seen suggestions of what could be cut, and the risk analysis in the report is fair and takes into consideration that the zoos are “enjoyed by many”. These (as far as I understand) are only suggestions by an outside company. No decisions have been made. But they sure have my attention. If all Ford wants to hear is how much these places mean to us in order for him to make the decision NOT to shut them down, please Mr. Mayor, count this as my vote.

Presented without (much) further comment are pictures of Sasa at two of the local zoos that are allegedly on the chopping block. I’ll spare you the pictures of me at these same places, but they exist. And should exist for my next kid too.

May Ford have mercy on their and our city’s and my children’s soul(s).


One (well, okay three) Frame(s)

Posted in on boys, on family by Allie on July 25, 2011

This weekend was my one wedding-free weekend all summer. I had planned to spend it with my family, and then I received news of my grandmother’s death just days before. Suddenly, the time I was to spend with my family was even more important. It was a really good day.20110723-DSC_7282



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Posted in baby, on travel, Uncategorized, video by Allie on August 16, 2010

We’re very proud of our little world traveller who did really well on the way over. Favourite activities include:

– banging on windows

– yelling at airplanes

– pointing out interesting things in airports (lights, artwork, sculptures)

– yelling at little trucks that carry luggage

– sleeping on his tummy with his bum in the air (which was hard to achieve on the plane, so there was a lot of thrashing, and not a lot of time for Mummy to sleep)

– airplane windows

For you: a little video of some of the yelling.


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Last week Samson, Auntie Calla and I packed up our lo-fi cameras and headed out to The Island. It was high time–I hadn’t been out there since I was 3 (despite being born and raised in Toronto), and I really like being on or near the water, and am trying to take advantage of our proximity to the lake more often (I happen to be the Mayor of the Cherry Beach off-leash dog park, don’t ‘ya know).image

I’m not going to get too hokey here, but honestly something is happening to me that I never expected. It goes without saying that we (as parents) love reliving and experiencing things we take for granted through our kids. Samson loves the animals at the farm, loved riding the carousel, and his first experience with books or movies is always a truly amazing thing for him. Last week we played the beginning of Finding Nemo and even before the fish showed up he was fascinated by the light coming through the water. Even something simple as getting a banana at the market makes him giddy, and you can’t help but not be excited for him, but with him as well. I digress.

Because I’m addicted to these first experiences of his, I’m finding myself drawn to–I never thought I’d say these words–play groups. Mommy cafes. Signing classes. Amusement parks. Gymboree. Go figure.



Tikka House

Posted in baby, on family by Allie on April 9, 2010

Some of you may not know this, but the main reason we continue to be shocked by Samson’s Polish blondness is not that my family looks more Russian than Polish, or that no one in either of our immediate families is blond (well, I guess some great-grandparents were/are, but that’s easy to forget since we’ve always known them as grey-haired people). The real reason is that Samson has some brown in him!–and, in fact, he carries a brown name. Hubby is half Indian—his people landed in South Africa before eventually, generations later, emigrating to Canada. Though Hubby is decidedly beige after being mixed with some Italian and Irish cream, there was a possibility something would skip a generation and Samson would come out darker than his daddy. Obviously, he didn’t, and now we await the day when judging by his name people will expect one thing, but get another. I think that’s quite apropos for these here modern times.

On Monday, we  had an amazing meal with Samson’s Great Auntie, Great Uncle, and Auntie at Lahore Tikka House, which is an experience in itself. Half in a old trailer/shack thing with 70s-style wood panelling, and half in a new complex with a state-of-the-art banquet hall (and bathrooms!), this place is a feast for the eyes and for the tummy. The food got our noses running, and though Samson didn’t get to taste any of it, he slept soundly in a way he rarely does in the warmth of the stewing spices. He may have been the whitest person in the joint–at least the whitest person with a brown name.

We sat back and let Auntie Joshna order for us.

I learned Tikka Masala is a dish probably “invented” after someone sent Chicken Tikka back saying it was too dry, at which point someone (perhaps in Scotland?!) mixed it with some masala, yogurt, and cream they had around. I also learned Butter Chicken is the deep dish pizza of Indian cuisine. We had some Tikka Masala (pictured above), but no butter chicken.

They also let me take some photos in the kitchen. Check out Mr. Tandoor’s shirt.

Of Note: Ontario (+ Toronto)

Posted in Of Note on Etsy, on Canada by Allie on March 31, 2010

I goofed last week and named the Manitoba post after its capital. It was a simple typo; I don’t sleep much. I am well aware the province is Manitoba, not Winnipeg. Actually, featuring the provinces like this brings me back to elementary school—Grade 6, Ms. Corrado’s class. We’re in the middle of a test on the provinces and their capitals (do Americans get tested on their knowledge of all the states and capitals? We only have 10 provinces and 2 3 territories. With 50 states, that seems cruel. Do European children get tested on provinces? Do European countries even have provinces?—I DIGRESS.), when I totally blank on the capital of Nova Scotia. I was an overachiever then, as I am now, and I was terrified of not getting perfect on this super easy test. I called my teacher over to explain: I’m not stupid. I’ve just blanked. She gave me a sad, understanding look, but didn’t know how to help me without cheating. It’ll come to you. Fast forward to: Okay class! Time’s UP! and I still couldn’t remem—HALIFAX! it came to me in an instant. And I wrote it down, and I got perfect. Thank goodness.

My goof last week got me thinking about cities and provinces, and how I would handle this week’s post. I know I laid down a challenge for myself to not include Toronto artists, but—look—let’s be honest here—Torontonians think they’re the centre of Canada the universe anyway, so why not give them their own feature? This way, we’re stroking their egos, yes, but we’re also separating them from the rest of the lovely Ontario artists, so they can have a space of their own.

So this week, I bring you: Of Note: Toronto AND Of Note: Ontario IN ONE POST. Enjoy.

(Toronto and Ontario flipped a coin; Toronto won the toss and graciously has let Ontario go first.)



1. “Midnight Stroll” Etching from Rudolf Kurtz, Orangeville, Ontario

2. 4 Skinny Stacking Exotic Wood Bangles from Jillian & Kaleb of in-bloom, Langton, Ontario

3. Sterling Silver Collar Stays  from RedCatrun, shores of Lake Simcoe, Ontario. {also makes wedding bands!}

4. Petite Coloured Diamond Rings from Kate Szabone, Whitby, Ontario

5. Seedling Print from Jellybeans (Original Artwork by Angela Vandenbogaard), Orillia/Barrie/Midland, Ontario

6. Kelly Green Triple Wrap Jersey Lovey from Jessie’s Jersey Loveys and Quilts, London, Ontario

7. Vintage Style Baby Bonnet from On Cottage Way, Kincardine, Ontario

8. Retro Kitchen Stand Mixer Stamp from The Mayberry Sparrow, Hamilton, Ontario

9. This Grey Cowl Tee from Replicca, Hamilton, Ontario




1. Sunrise and Sunset Retro Flower Motif Cups and Saucers from Caffeine Queenie’s Vintage Finds, Toronto. {For the sad Canadians who can’t take part in the Liberty of London Target Extravaganza.}

2. High Tea Necklace from The Ardent Sparrow, Brampton.

3. Letterpress Counting Poster from sweetbeets, Toronto

4. Brownstone House Fabric Coasters from Knotted Nest, Toronto

5. Cute Ballerina Flats in Lime Green {100% Vegan shoes!} from Christy of  The Generation, Toronto.

6. Birds Eye View Illustration from Jessica Rae Gordon, Toronto. {I love, love, love this piece. Just love it.}

7.  Green Green Green Ruffle Wristlet from Hand Made Fun, Toronto

8. Pintuck Tunic Pattern from Heidi & Finn, Toronto

9. Birds 123 from Greasy Chicken Face Illustrations, Toronto

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This Moment

Posted in ordinary day by Allie on March 26, 2010

Seems I’m not the only one trying to capture ordinary days. I’m joining the Friday ritual as well.

(via Bright and Blithe)

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vALLANtine vandals

Posted in crafty by Allie on February 14, 2010

I saw someone do a project like this on the webbernets last year and knew immediately, that next year, I wanted to do the same thing. I can’t find the link anymore, so I don’t remember if it was a yarnbombing sort of thing, or an altruistic thing; I just remember pictures of a snowy, tree-lined street, and scarves. Lots and lots of scarves. How great would it be to hang scarves around the city for people who need them to take and wear?!

We live in a great house in Toronto on the wrong side of the tracks (in fact, one of our local parks is considered the most dangerous part of the city), so we see our fair share of disadvantaged folks around. We take many walks in our neighbourhood, and these people are actually quite sweet to us. They’re … characters. They really like Mr. S, and Addie’s always a hit. There’s the guy who carries a full set of harmonicas on a belt, the guy who offers Addie his sandwich (and plays with her in the off-leash area), and several ladies who smile at Samson when we walk by. Whatever disputes these people have, they keep it to themselves. I wanted to help these people.

So, yesterday we headed out to Allan Gardens (see, I didn’t mispell it!), a local park frequented by these folks, and started hanging!

I wish it could be a more spectacular display, and sadly, not all the scarves I put out were handknit, but I hope someone is a bit warmer because of these scarves. Next year, I’m asking for donations so I can have one scarf for every tree in Allan Gardens.

Happy Valentine’s Day .

* There is some confusion surrounding the spelling of Allan/Allen Gardens. Google maps says one thing, Toronto’s site says another. I’m trying to put it right.

Minty Green & Tangerine

Posted in crafty, home life by Allie on February 7, 2010

It’s been a lazy weekend. Not entirely. We got stuff done around the house, I got an album done that’s been bugging me all week, had some brunch, did some shopping, laundry, etc.

No finished objects for you today; I’m busy knitting for a project that I’ll be posting on Valentine’s Day. I’m really excited about this project; I’ve been wanting to do it since last Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until this week that Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, and here in Canada (or just Ontario?) Monday is Family Day (a new long weekend in February), so all the grandparents are clamoring to see Mr. S, and I’m all: I have to BLOG people! This project has to get done during the day so I (or Ms. Evans and I) can get good photos to post for you, and it all has to be done in my neighbourhood and it has to be ready for Sunday. It’s going to take a bit of planning, but I’ll get it done.

In the meantime, here is a work in progress. Just so you don’t think it’s all baby, all the time here, this one’s for poochie.

And a picture of my baby’s bottom. I’m in love with this colour combination: minty green and tangerine. It would make for a nice, cheery kitchen, don’t you think?

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