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One (well, okay three) Frame(s)

Posted in on boys, on family by Allie on July 25, 2011

This weekend was my one wedding-free weekend all summer. I had planned to spend it with my family, and then I received news of my grandmother’s death just days before. Suddenly, the time I was to spend with my family was even more important. It was a really good day.20110723-DSC_7282



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Take another picture.

Posted in Photos, video by Allie on April 29, 2011

We all know I don’t know how to travel light when it comes to cameras. Luckily, I have friends who are just as crazy as I am. Fortunately, Mr. S is a carried baby, because boy did that stroller come in handy when we went to the CNE on a photo trip with Ryan and Calla last year.

C’moooooonnnn, summer–our click click click click cameras are waiting.

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Of Note: Farmers’ Market

Posted in Of Note on Etsy by Allie on June 23, 2010


I am in love with Farmers’ Markets, but the most popular one in Toronto is a bit picked over by the time we can make it there after walking baby and dog on a Saturday morning. Luckily, Toronto has an open-almost-7-days-a-week-market so we people with dogs and babies can get fresh produce without having to drag our asses out of bed super-duper early on a Saturday. And we have other farmers’ markets around, but correct me if I’m wrong—you should be able to walk to your local market, no? So Tuesday I’m going to give this one a try. 

When was the last time you went to the market? Don’t these accessories make you want to go more often? I mean—how freakin’ adorable is the Eggsential Tote? Next on my craft list: produce bags.


  1. Organic Cotton Produce Bags from The Craft Pantry
  2. Rooster Kitchen Towel from Oola Designs
  3. Personalized Family Market Tote from The Craft Pantry
  4. Recycled Coffee Bag Tote from JessBecause
  5. Farmers’ Market Letterpress Poster from YeeHaw
  6. The Original Baguette Bag from Sugar Shaira
  7. Produce Bags with Damask Storage Pouch from AMK Designs
  8. The Eggsential Tote from The Dizzy Bobbin
  9. Vintage Bushel Basket from AMradio
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scenes from our weekend

Posted in home life, on family by Allie on June 2, 2010

Last weekend. Better late than never, right?

Peanut was my official assistant at a tree planting picnic. He acted as a very good counterweight to my camera. Best part of the picnic? I built a birdhouse. And got a certificate of achievement. Oh yes. (Never you mind it says Kids Workshop on it. I declined out of respect for the children milling about, and the lady begged me to build one. Who was I to refuse? I had my eye on those birdhouses all day!)

We also had a lovely picnic (my first real honest-to-goodness picnic on blankets) with Uncle Jon and Auntie Kathleen. Delicious Smitten Kitchen food was served. Also, despite having a tan, my baby appears to have no pigment when he’s around his Uncle Jon.

. . . . . .

. . . . . .

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Happy Weekend

Posted in home life by Allie on May 21, 2010


We have a long weekend ahead of us. I’m planning some crafting—going to finish Sammy’s bed today (just have some top-stitching left to do), and since I finally finished the top to Addie’s bed, I think I’ll be able to finish it up this weekend. I’m also planning on some beachin’, some reading, some baking, some family time, and part two of our family photoshoot (above is a sneak peek from Part 1, with (you guessed it) Ms. Evans). Most importantly, I’m planning on some photo processing and blogging, because it’s not that I haven’t been crafty of late, it’s just that I’ve been terrible about posting.

What are your plans?

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