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Crafty: Upcycled Hooded Toddler Towel

Posted in Crafting by Allie on March 17, 2011

My parents got these green and blue towels around the time they got married – over thirty years ago. It’s true, they just don’t make towels like they used to. They accompanied us on many trips to the beach, camping, and to the pool. To me, these towels scream summer. It was sad day when they got ratty enough that my mom “graduated” them to dog towels, but these towels would not die. They wiped Wolf, and were still around for Addie.  If it weren’t for the fraying edges, I’d use them on myself and other humans.

As Samson started swimming lessons we needed a larger rotation of baby towels than the two we had, so I got an idea. The towels went from this: My mom and I at the beach.


To This: Wolf at the cottage after a swim.


To this: A hooded toddler towel!



. ..

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Tale of two dog beds

Posted in Crafting by Allie on May 24, 2010


Now that we live in a house with an upstairs and a downstairs, Addie has two beds, and her upstairs one has long been in need of a new cover. Much like the last time, I reused the zipper from the old bed, and used upholstery fabric bought on sale (the top fabric was bought specifically for this project, while the bottom was in my stash from the last time). There’s probably a more efficient way to make the patchwork top, but this being my first patchwork-type project, it was the only way I could wrap my head around it: I made a square top slightly larger than the round bottom, sewed the round bottom to the square top, then trimmed the excess. The scraps will make a lovely potholder or coaster or something like that.




. . . . . . . .

The last time I made Addie a bed, someone was a bit jealous:


So when I heard Sammy’s bed was looking a little worse for wear, I offered to sew him a shnazzy new cover, in a coordinating fabric so it matches the rest of his bed.




. . . . .

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What does your desk look like, continued…

Posted in baby, crafty, home life, Just Sayin', Workin' by Allie on February 2, 2010

I figured, in honour of craft month, I should post my crafting workspace as well! I have always wanted a sewing space all to myself, and when we moved into our new apartment last November I finally got it! Of course, by January, we knew we were expecting a new addition, so my sewing room was promptly remodeled into the baby room.

I think I’ve done a pretty good job of satisfying both needs.

Click for details and more details!

*Also, I promise I won’t post all my photos with this wacky 70s action, but for now, I’m in love.

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Tag Blankie

Posted in crafty by Allie on February 1, 2010

It’s Februrary; it’s chilly; we’re all trying to maintain a sense of organization and productivity after our initial resolution fever. I didn’t make any specific resolutions this year, but I got a new phone and a renewed appreciation for Google Tasks; I can see no better way to beat the February blues than to settle into winter with some fabric, wool, needles, and my sewing machine. I’m getting some stuff done.

From Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby, the tag blankie is an easy, quick, cute craft to make for your little one–I made mine in under an hour while Samson was in his crib, occupied with his mobile. It’s especially good for babies that are just learning to grab things–they aren’t co-ordinated enough to properly grab toys, but will quite successfuly grab at their bib, their blanket, or your hair (ouch!). Samson lights up when he sees his, and talks to it for…well not hours, we’re talking about a BABY here–but solid minutes are happily spent chatting with this thing. It’s also great to drape over the back seat so he has something to look at when he’s in his carseat, and to stuff in your purse for a distraction when you’re on the go.

I made mine out of a printed cotton that’s mostly black and white, because Samson’s most drawn to that combination, but I brightened it up with multi-coloured ribbons (rather than the monochromatic ribbon combination Lotta used). I repeated the coloured ribbons on each side in a different order, but anchored it all with a thicker ribbon in the corners in a yellow that matches the cotton. It’s washable and goes in the dryer. It’s definitely something I would include as a gift for a new mom.

People constantly ask us where we bought it. Make yourself one too, and you’ll be able to say proudly: I made it myself.

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