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At least I didn’t tweet it

Posted in baby, Parenting by Allie on May 25, 2010

When my best friend’s sister (sorry, Maya, I know you read this blog) was a baby, her grandmother proudly “saved” her first poo in the potty so her parents could see it when they got home from work. She put the potty out of the way, and covered it (and the poo) with a paper towel. I thought that was gross. And weird. And I guess it was. I mean, I know the first poo in the potty is a huge step in a baby’s life, but wouldn’t a retelling of the momentous occasion suffice? ‘Cause that’s poo laying around your house.

Well people, I normally hate the phrase “as a parent” because I think it’s unfair and completely pretentious to assume someone can’t understand something if they’re not a parent themselves, but seriously what I just did may be something you will only get as a parent. I just took a picture of Samson’s first poo on the potty so that Hubby could see it when he got home. I can’t believe it–I was so proud of the bowel movement my kid made not in his pants that I needed to document it. I was giddy! The phone shook as I took it! And since it’s rather dark in our laundry room, I had to take several–just to get the composition and focus right.

Know what? When Hubby came home he wasn’t grossed out! He cradled the phone, giggling. “But he didn’t actually do this on the potty, did he?” “Yes! He did!” And then he cradled the phone HARDER.

What a wonderful world I live in that I can take a picture of poo and not have to send my film to a lab to scare some poor technician. Technology saved me the trouble of trying to save the poo for Hubby in the potty, cause I’ll tell ya–no paper towel is going to keep my hound away from poo laying around the house.

And you know what I couldn’t help but think as I was snapping that photo? That ’round the world, I’m sure, POLAROID was wasted on poo shots. I thought that for anĀ  instant. And then, so proud of my boy, I thought, it was probably worth it.


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