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Posted in on growing up, on photography by Allie on September 25, 2012

Samson has been introduced to the subtle art of self-portraiture, #LATFH style. Guess he needs an Instagram account now.



6 days

Posted in baby, on boys, photo projects by Allie on July 26, 2012


Perhaps you thought we decided not to have Auntie Calla do a photo shoot for this one? Not on your life. In fact, this one was much easier because everyone was more laid back. Second children, folks—much easier than the first!

More pictures soon. Promise.

Travelling Light

Posted in on travel by Allie on August 24, 2010

Today I put my foot down, and left the D700 (and 24-70mm lens) at the hotel, so I could travel “light”. Let’s be clear: travelling light refers to weight, not bulk. I may have cut down the weight of my bag by at least 50%, but I only left only 1 camera behind. In fact, I had more room for film this way!

Hubby blogged about it, and it made me laugh. Notice I also have a baby strapped to me in this picture (you can see his foot poking out behind my hand).

My bag felt so light I was checking it all day thinking someone had picked something out of it. I may be small, but it looks like I was made to be a pack mule.

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