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we be jammin’

Posted in in the kitchen by Allie on June 15, 2010

My mother-in-law invited us daughters-in-law to make jam. She bought the strawberries at a local farm, we supplied the other ingredients and jars. Schedules and recipes turned our jam session into a two day affair.

Day 1 saw us turn 8lbs of strawberries into jam. . .


Domestifluff’s labels were the perfect final touch.

Day 2, Joshna (who is technically a cousin-in-law, but we refer to each other as sisters to make things simpler) showed Kathleen and me the beauty and simplicity of freezer jam. No cooking, no sterilizing jars, and it retains the fresh summery taste of the strawberries.

.  ..

Because this jam sits in your freezer, labels don’t want to stick, so we adapted the Domestifluff labels by cutting them out of cardstock and sticking them under the ring.


Of course, whenever Joshna comes over, we enjoy lovely, locally sourced snacks. Here’s her oh so delicious beet, avocado and feta salad. And a seriously moist applesauce cake with cardamom which I made with homemade applesauce from last year (eek!) that was taking up room in my freezer. A perfect end to the day.



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Of Note: The Rest of Canada

Posted in Of Note on Etsy, on Canada by Allie on April 28, 2010

Before you get mad, this feels like cheating to me too. I was planning on doing Prince Edward Island next, then Newfoundland, then a joint Territory thing, and then a Canada Round Up for some great things I missed. So I wrote up my cute little PEI story, and then I searched for stuff to share with you. To my surprise, there is very little of note from The Island. I couldn’t even find some kitschy and/or hipster cool Anne of Green Gables stuff to pad the entry. So I decided to pad it with Newfoundland. And, to my surprise—not much there either. Now I already knew there’s nothing from the Northwest Territories because I looked into that somewhere around Manitoba. And from the Yukon I added only one seller to my favourites. With all that, I still wasn’t up to my usual 9 features. So I figured I’d just do the round up now. Lo and behold, I had exactly 18 items. So I guess it was meant to be. And you still get the PEI story!

When I was visiting my friend (the friend whose family moved to Nova Scotia) we tagged along on his Dad’s business trip to PEI. PEI’s tiny; I knew that. I’ve always known that because when you had to colour in your map with a different colour for each province, you had to really think about how to make PEI stand out. Remember how I said his parents let us do things that I’m sure my parents wouldn’t, probably because the area was just safer? We found out first hand just how small PEI is when his dad left us somewhere in the middle of the island (with a map) and told us to find something to do. He’d pick us up “later”. (Note: this was before cell phones.) I remember we were pretty angry at first, and then as we started walking to our destination we realized the scale on the map was not like what we were used to and his father had to have known that; we made it to Ripley’s Believe it Or Not (and some other destinations I can’t remember) quite easily. Approximately 140 miles long and 4 to 40 miles wide, now I immediately think how awesome it would be to run on The Island. It almost seems like a distance that one could actually conquer.

Without further ado: THE REST (and a bit of ALL) OF CANADA.

1. Needle Felted Pet Greeting Cards from Kay’s K9s Paper Boutique, PEI

2. Raven Wood Engraving from The Odd Gallery, Dawson City, YT.

3. Goddess Pixie Pleated Purse from Crysto, Newfoundland.

4. 2 in 1 necklace from Mabel & Jules, Montreal, QC

5. Ray the Mountie from Into the Sleeping Forest, NS

6. Milk & Honey Handspun from Island Sweet Fibre Arts, Newfoundland.

7. On the Street Where you Live Lino Cut Print from Folky Dolky, Newfoundland.

8. Harmonica Necklace from JeSophi, Montreal, QC

9. Modern Wall Clock from Retro Reality, Newfoundland (and Toronto).

1. I’d rather be smooching my crafty wife button from Button Empire, AB

2. Linen Pouch with Magenta Ovals from Laura Bucci, Vancouver, BC

3. High Tea Bobby Pin Set from Paper Cakes, PEI

4. 1898 Map of Manitoba, British Columbia and the NORTHWEST TERRITORIES from BananaStrudel, Toronto

5. Male Deer No. 4 from Peter + Tom, Winnipeg, MB {In love  with this one.}

6. Gold and Yellow Banana Seat Bike Print from Hillarie Tasche, Winnipeg, MB

7. Quilty Coasters from RikRak, Ottawa, ON

8. Woodgrain Laptop Decal from beepart, London, ON

9. Liana Bracelet from Mizdragonfly, Gatineau, QC

Of Note: Ontario (+ Toronto)

Posted in Of Note on Etsy, on Canada by Allie on March 31, 2010

I goofed last week and named the Manitoba post after its capital. It was a simple typo; I don’t sleep much. I am well aware the province is Manitoba, not Winnipeg. Actually, featuring the provinces like this brings me back to elementary school—Grade 6, Ms. Corrado’s class. We’re in the middle of a test on the provinces and their capitals (do Americans get tested on their knowledge of all the states and capitals? We only have 10 provinces and 2 3 territories. With 50 states, that seems cruel. Do European children get tested on provinces? Do European countries even have provinces?—I DIGRESS.), when I totally blank on the capital of Nova Scotia. I was an overachiever then, as I am now, and I was terrified of not getting perfect on this super easy test. I called my teacher over to explain: I’m not stupid. I’ve just blanked. She gave me a sad, understanding look, but didn’t know how to help me without cheating. It’ll come to you. Fast forward to: Okay class! Time’s UP! and I still couldn’t remem—HALIFAX! it came to me in an instant. And I wrote it down, and I got perfect. Thank goodness.

My goof last week got me thinking about cities and provinces, and how I would handle this week’s post. I know I laid down a challenge for myself to not include Toronto artists, but—look—let’s be honest here—Torontonians think they’re the centre of Canada the universe anyway, so why not give them their own feature? This way, we’re stroking their egos, yes, but we’re also separating them from the rest of the lovely Ontario artists, so they can have a space of their own.

So this week, I bring you: Of Note: Toronto AND Of Note: Ontario IN ONE POST. Enjoy.

(Toronto and Ontario flipped a coin; Toronto won the toss and graciously has let Ontario go first.)



1. “Midnight Stroll” Etching from Rudolf Kurtz, Orangeville, Ontario

2. 4 Skinny Stacking Exotic Wood Bangles from Jillian & Kaleb of in-bloom, Langton, Ontario

3. Sterling Silver Collar Stays  from RedCatrun, shores of Lake Simcoe, Ontario. {also makes wedding bands!}

4. Petite Coloured Diamond Rings from Kate Szabone, Whitby, Ontario

5. Seedling Print from Jellybeans (Original Artwork by Angela Vandenbogaard), Orillia/Barrie/Midland, Ontario

6. Kelly Green Triple Wrap Jersey Lovey from Jessie’s Jersey Loveys and Quilts, London, Ontario

7. Vintage Style Baby Bonnet from On Cottage Way, Kincardine, Ontario

8. Retro Kitchen Stand Mixer Stamp from The Mayberry Sparrow, Hamilton, Ontario

9. This Grey Cowl Tee from Replicca, Hamilton, Ontario




1. Sunrise and Sunset Retro Flower Motif Cups and Saucers from Caffeine Queenie’s Vintage Finds, Toronto. {For the sad Canadians who can’t take part in the Liberty of London Target Extravaganza.}

2. High Tea Necklace from The Ardent Sparrow, Brampton.

3. Letterpress Counting Poster from sweetbeets, Toronto

4. Brownstone House Fabric Coasters from Knotted Nest, Toronto

5. Cute Ballerina Flats in Lime Green {100% Vegan shoes!} from Christy of  The Generation, Toronto.

6. Birds Eye View Illustration from Jessica Rae Gordon, Toronto. {I love, love, love this piece. Just love it.}

7.  Green Green Green Ruffle Wristlet from Hand Made Fun, Toronto

8. Pintuck Tunic Pattern from Heidi & Finn, Toronto

9. Birds 123 from Greasy Chicken Face Illustrations, Toronto

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