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Ordinary Day

Posted in home life, Just Sayin', Nostalgia by Allie on March 18, 2010

You’re taking a nap with your little one; he’s on your chest, breathing deeply, snoring a little bit. You’re out walking your dog, and the forest smells particularly fresh that day. You wake up early, creep out onto the deck, so as not to wake your loved one, have your morning coffee in silence, the air is still a bit moist from the night before, and then as you finish your cup, he comes around behind you and kisses you, right behind your ear. And you think, this, THIS is the moment I want to remember. But you don’t. You remember birthdays and trips and bigger, more documented events.

I pretty much always have a camera attached to me (whether it’s some LATFH incarnation or my D700), so we’re pretty good about catching more ordinary moments, but still there are photos I wish I had just stopped waiting to take until the time was perfect, because I’ve already missed some of those moments, and Samson’s only 5 1/2 months old. I know Bobbi thinks parents are doing their kids a disservice with pics using your camera phone, but I think if you have a decent enough phone, it’s the perfect tool to catch those ordinary, day-to-day occurrences. Combine that with twitter, and suddenly you have a record of your kid’s early life for when you don’t remember anymore. Also, I like to think that Samson and his friends will be nostalgic for those grainy pics, just as we are nostalgic for polaroid and film.

Inspired by Katrina Kenison reading from her book, The Gift of An Ordinary Day (warning: you will cry—the video’s at the bottom of this post), I took some pictures of Samson this week. I didn’t pick a special outfit, I didn’t wipe up his mouth or style anything around him. I stopped hoarding my remaining polaroids and just took some photos when we were hanging out in the kitchen, as we do every day.




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