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Impossible Project

Posted in on travel by Allie on August 24, 2010

Silver Shade develops to a monochrome sepia tone, but when it comes out of the camera it’s a brilliant royal blue. I just had to snap a picture of this polaroid while it was still in transition.

Impossible Project (Now Possible)

Posted in Photos by Allie on March 28, 2010

The Impossible Project of re-inventing instant film for Polaroid cameras is now possible.


From what I can gather Impossible Project is currently selling their new black & white film for SX-70 cameras, and will introduce colour film sometime in the summer. At some point, they will also be making 600 film. Meanwhile, they have a bunch of carefully stored and tested original film for sale as well, packed in limited edition modern sleeves, designed by Paul Giambarba.


I cannot stop browsing the site. AND WANT TO BUY EVERYTHING.

I’m most fascinated by the manipulable film. If you think capturing a fleeting moment is hard with regular film, just imagine the possibilities with this:


SX-70 FadeToBlack is an experimental film made from expired time-zero chemicals. These expired chemicals lend the film a constantly mutating color palette, without manipulation the film will turn totally black after 24 hours.

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