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Still Craftin’

Posted in baby, crafty, Photos by Allie on February 21, 2010

Gosh this computer fiasco has really left me feeling beaten down. Does a photoshoot with Ms. Evans count as a craft?

Well if it doesn’t, I am still workin’ away at several projects that I hope to finish and post for you soon.

Happy Sunday.

Minty Green & Tangerine

Posted in crafty, home life by Allie on February 7, 2010

It’s been a lazy weekend. Not entirely. We got stuff done around the house, I got an album done that’s been bugging me all week, had some brunch, did some shopping, laundry, etc.

No finished objects for you today; I’m busy knitting for a project that I’ll be posting on Valentine’s Day. I’m really excited about this project; I’ve been wanting to do it since last Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until this week that Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, and here in Canada (or just Ontario?) Monday is Family Day (a new long weekend in February), so all the grandparents are clamoring to see Mr. S, and I’m all: I have to BLOG people! This project has to get done during the day so I (or Ms. Evans and I) can get good photos to post for you, and it all has to be done in my neighbourhood and it has to be ready for Sunday. It’s going to take a bit of planning, but I’ll get it done.

In the meantime, here is a work in progress. Just so you don’t think it’s all baby, all the time here, this one’s for poochie.

And a picture of my baby’s bottom. I’m in love with this colour combination: minty green and tangerine. It would make for a nice, cheery kitchen, don’t you think?

Super Trooper

Posted in baby, Photos by Allie on October 7, 2009

Sneak Peek

Posted in baby, Photos by Allie on October 5, 2009

Last week, Samson’s Auntie Calla and I put him through a crash course in baby modelling, and he was nothing short of a trooper.

1 vintage scale

1 Le Creuset dutch oven

1 picnic basket

2 yards of gingham

6 alphabet blocks

1 serving platter

1 pack Polaroid Spectra film, saved from 2007, specifically for baby

2 poops

1 pee

1 change of clothes for mommy

3+ changes of clothes for Samson

3 blankets

1 handknit scarf

1 quick laundry cycle

1 mantle

5 balls of yarn

1 bamboo tray

…make for an amazing set of photos, that we’re quite sure, being a guy, Samson won’t really appreciate, but his wife is going to LOVE.

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