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Posted in Parenting, Photos by Allie on January 19, 2010

Before it’s not January anymore, and my excuses are all gone, here are some of theĀ lovely absolutely freakin’ AMAZING photos Miss Evans took over the course of my pregnancy. She’s something, ain’t she?

Tiny Pants to Mama the Hutt

Posted in Parenting, Uncategorized by Allie on January 4, 2010

Calla and I did a pretty good job of documenting my pregnancy, but I was bad about posting the photos right after Peanut was born. However, since I was pregnant for most of 2009, I can now post them under the guise of a year-in-review post, and still make it look like I’m on top of things.

In the beginning, we took photos every week, but got a bit lazy somewhere in the middle. Still, it gives a good overview of how I went from TinyPants to Mama the Hutt in just 40 weeks.

I gained a total of 30 pounds, lost 20 after the delivery, and am now heavier than I was when I was running, but lighter than I was before I was running. I’m not too concerned because all my pre-pregnancy pants (the ones I had to buy after I started running because everything was suddenly too big) fit (albeit they’re more snug than before), so I can at least be stylish again, and whatever extra I’m carrying will be taken care of when I return to my beloved sport. I can only attribute my weight loss to breastfeeding and daily walks, because I’ve definitely not altered my intake of food.

Looking at these pictures makes me realize why women miss being pregnant. Sadly, I can remember what it feels like to have doctors rooting around inside you during a c-section, but I’ve forgotten the feeling of Peanut inside me. Oh well, he’s more fun on the outside anyway.

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Too Big to Fail

Posted in Uncategorized by Allie on May 27, 2009

In honour of hitting the 24th week of pregnancy, a point at which (though not ideal in the slightest) our baby would most likely survive if it were to be born early*, we’re celebrating my Too Big to Fail point.

Hubby has been waiting to get me this t-shirt for a while.

For less flattering, but better bump-showing pictures, continue here.

*Knocking on everything wooden in my vicinity.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Allie on May 14, 2009

Hubby’s bummed that Tinypants has been quite silent during this pregnancy, and I daresay he’s not the only one. I do apologize for the lack of peanut updates. I have one in queue–it will be here shortly. And until then, here’s a placeholder to tide y’all over.

That’s my son in there.

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