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Posted in on blogs by Allie on May 16, 2013

I mentioned that Gabie and I had something in the works. After much prepping and many a meeting with babes in arms, or screaming toddlers running around, many nights spent texting back and forth, we are ready to launch our new blog — bee + daddoo. It will have all the stuff you’ve learned to love here — crafts, parenting tips, fashion, and, of course, etsy finds — only now there will be two of us blogging. Sounds like a good deal, right?

What will happen to tinypants? I don’t know. I may use it as a more personal space. I may not. This isn’t goodbye, so I’m not getting choked up about it. I know that I’ve been dying to share things with y’all but because of the b+d launch approaching, I’ve been holding back. In any case, yesterday’s Of Note on Etsy was the last one that will be posted here. Join me US over at bee + daddoo.

And thank you.

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