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We Took a Walk

Posted in on boys, on growing up, on mommyhood, toddler by Allie on August 9, 2012


It should come as no surprise that raising a 2-almost-3 year old can be rough. Though we do not use the phrase “terrible twos” in our house, this time is definitely trying. Do I have an engaged two year old that I can pretty much take anywhere without a stroller, leash or having to carry him? Yes. Do meltdowns sometimes occur? Absolutely.

Chalk it up to becoming a big brother or whatever you want, but lately these meltdowns have been more frequent. Or maybe it’s just that with two boys now, I’m not as rational or calm when dealing with them. I am not emotionally equipped, especially when both of them are crying, or when I’m already holding the little one. I get to a bad place. It makes me into, let’s be honest, kind of a monster. No one’s getting hurt, but I’m furious. I fume. And I don’t like it.

For sure, I have tools to help — humour, sticking to a plan, and giving choices are all strategies that work for S, but when we’re already in that bad place, it’s hard to not hold a grudge, hard to not take it personally, and absolutely hard to find your way out.

So last week, as we neared the witching hour when most meltdowns occur, we took a walk. S got to pick where we would go. It was really, really nice.









Now if someone can tell me how to get my kid to agree to get dressed in the morning without a fight (and without taking a walk), I’m all ears.

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  1. […] and need to give you an update in the getting-my-toddler-to-do-things department. Shortly after our walk, I instigated something I like to call “The Plan”. I had the idea that if Samson knew […]

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