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Joined at the Thumbs

Posted in on friendship, on mommyhood by Allie on August 7, 2012


When Mr. S was a little over a year, Ms. Evans introduced me to my sister from another mother. Had we met ten years earlier, we may have bonded over cigarettes, The Beatles and copious amounts of wine, but instead our friendship grew slowly over our love for our 1-month-and-1-day-apart boys, non-underwire bras, and hot beverages. Our boys are buddies—he is the Charles Bronson to Mr. S’ Steve McQueen. She and I somehow, without planning it, managed to get pregnant with our second children also one month apart. We see each other quite regularly, but our longest and most intimate conversations are over the phone (in the 21st century meaning of the word). We text about everything from home schooling to fabulous outfits, from online deals to meltdowns, and from hot men to homemade bathroom cleaners. Text ya later! is our standard goodbye to each other. We are, as her Hubby says, joined at the thumbs.

It’s hard to make lasting friendships, especially as an adult, so I cannot tell you how much I cherish my friendship with her. Having someone who not only understands you, but also understands (almost to the day) exactly what you’re going through with your kids and the struggles that come with trying to raise them in a perhaps not so mainstream way makes all of this much easier.

We are working on a joint venture that I will let you all in on (hopefully) soon, but until then, I am excited and proud to give her some space here at TinyPants. Prepare, folks! Every other week, Gabie will be curating Of Note on Etsy. And this all starts tomorrow! Stay tuned for her debut: In the Red!

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