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Time Flies

Posted in on boys, on growing up, on mommyhood by Allie on September 2, 2011


It’s all going so quickly. Summer is over. Samson learns a new word (or two or three) every day. He learns things we don’t remember ever saying around him, let alone teaching him. His brain is so hungry for knowledge. He wants to count. He wants to learn his ABCs. And though I love this new little fellow he’s turning into, I need to write down the things that are disappearing before they disappear from my brain as well. Because I already miss those things. And I need to write down the things that are appearing because I just can’t believe the sheer number of them.

Indulge me, will you?

  • “Sasa” is almost no more. He was sa-some when I started this post. He’s now san-some.
  • It’s not “go go Sasa” it’s “run  Sasa”. “Go go Sasa” was something Samson used to say every time he would run. Sometimes it was “go go owsh shoo [go go orange shoes]” or “go go mama/dada”, but now it’s “Run train”, “Run our car” etc.
  • Animals are no longer their sounds. It’s not “eh ne moo”, it’s TAW (cow). It’s not “ru ru”, it’s “DA” (dog), it’s not “ah-ah”, it’s “man-ee” (monkey). It’s also not “brah” it’s “fee-raff”. It’s not “beerah” it’s “fee-brah”. And let’s not forget that a year ago, he made up a dog sound all by himself. It is NOT “buh buh buh” anymore.
  • It’s still SEE for elephant, but he can say hyena, cheetah, and elevator.
  • It’s not “nn-mm” with the sign, it’s “app-oh” (apple) with the sign.
  • It’s not “bee see” it’s “plane”.
  • He says butterfly, buffalo, button, table, “new paper”, popcorn, corn, train tracks. 
  • He says “I gotchu!” when he sees a hoola hoop.
  • He still calls meatballs “bapa” but kielbasa is “basa”, and pasta is “passa”. Meatballs are “mee-bah”.
  • It’s not SEE it’s “feesh” and “go-feesh” (goldfish). And “feesh and fries and cown”.
  • He sings On Top of Spaghetti, Row Row Row Your Boat, Rain Rain Go Away, Little Red Caboose.
  • He “reads” Lost & Found – “peen! doo-wee! cam from!
  • A picture is a “peesh”, and so is a peach.
  • He says “tamera” for camera and “taneroo” for kangaroo.
  • He still uses his signs, but they are evolving and changing. He uses signs to help us understand what he’s saying, especially when he still has one word for more than one object. (Such as “boo” for blue, and boat.)
  • AND is his favourite word.
  • He always draws with two markers. And tells you what colours he needs.
  • He walks Mama, Dada and Addie.
  • Addie is not ee, she’s ah-ee. He calls her on walks: “ah-ee! COME!”
  • It’s not “dancing blue train” it’s “Tammies” (Thomas). (WHO TAUGHT HIM THAT?!")
  • Oh WOW!!! is a regular part of his vocabulary.
  • It’s not “si si” it’s “soo-me” for excuse me.
  • “Uncha-jahn” has the biggest feet.
  • He sings his ABCs and points out letters when he sees them. He has “wan and two” eyes.
  • He knows all his colours: red, orange, blue, green, grey, baby blue, pink, purple. He knows most of his shapes: circle, triangle, square.
  • He jumps everywhere.

This is the little boy I live with now. My heart aches.

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  1. tara said, on September 2, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    My heart just exploded.

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