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Riverdale Farm

Posted in on Toronto by Allie on August 3, 2011

I am not political. I am a right-leaning liberal to left-leaning conservative, and have never really found “my guy” in the political sphere. (West Wing’s Alan Alda would be my president of choice.) When Mayor Ford was elected, though I did not vote for him, I chose to be optimistic. I was not surprised when Mayor Ford decided to skip the Pride Parade, and frankly, chose to be moved by things more pertinent to me. (Really—who wants a homophobe at the Pride Parade anyway?) The recent issues surrounding the addition and removal of bike lanes around Toronto seem (at times) hysterical to me. And honestly, I think Toronto could stand to lose a few crappy libraries. And the libraries that are left don’t need to turn a profit, but they could stand to lose a few crappy money pit services so that the libraries we have left have the breathing room to be excellent.

But when I heard about KPMG suggesting Toronto should get out of the business of running Riverdale Farm, I fumed; I boiled, which is very atypical for me. I angrily typed to Hubby: Yes, let’s get rid of Riverdale Farm. Let the kids of one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Toronto sell drugs instead. Good idea. But, I admit, I read the report for myself and cooled off. This post got shelved. It almost got deleted. Could this just be more of the anti-Ford media pushing my buttons? So far I’ve only seen suggestions of what could be cut, and the risk analysis in the report is fair and takes into consideration that the zoos are “enjoyed by many”. These (as far as I understand) are only suggestions by an outside company. No decisions have been made. But they sure have my attention. If all Ford wants to hear is how much these places mean to us in order for him to make the decision NOT to shut them down, please Mr. Mayor, count this as my vote.

Presented without (much) further comment are pictures of Sasa at two of the local zoos that are allegedly on the chopping block. I’ll spare you the pictures of me at these same places, but they exist. And should exist for my next kid too.

May Ford have mercy on their and our city’s and my children’s soul(s).



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