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Crafty: Doorframe Growth Chart

Posted in Crafting by Allie on April 3, 2011


We’ve all seen it somewhere—maybe in a story, or a commercial—a couple starts measuring their kids on a door frame, then said couple sells their house. They’re all packed up, ready to leave, and Mom goes into the house one last time to say goodbye. She stops at the doorframe and sweetly caresses the notches and marks, heartbroken that she has to leave them behind. Dad comes in behind her, touches her shoulder letting her know they have to go. She sighs. They leave. Cut to: new house; it’s days later. Boxes are everywhere, partially unpacked, the kids are running around exploring their new home. Mom walks towards her new kitchen, still looking a little melancholy about the move. She sees something out of the corner of her eye. Could it be? Her face lights up. It’s the doorframe! Ripped (lovingly?) from the wall by Dad as a surprise for Mom. He appears behind her with a hammer and nails. They hang it in the new home, and measure all the kids (for good measure), and everyone lives happily every after.

Beautiful story, right? Yeah, but we rent. I’m not ripping anything up when I move or I’ll lose my deposit*.


We have this wide doorframe between the living room and hall, on the way to the dining room playroom that I’ve always thought would be perfect for a growth chart, but I knew I needed to start out right and install something I can move with before I start measuring. I opted for a maple 1×6, and left it unfinished. Maple is more expensive and heavier than pine—it’s overkill, I know–but this way I could be sure it wouldn’t warp over time. I drilled 4 holes in the corners and screwed it right into the doorway, 1 foot of the ground (an easy to remember number so it can be hung again if we move). The plank is only reaches to 5 feet, but we figured Samson will be old enough by then to not want to be measured. Or, if he’s some kind of giant, we can always add another plank on top.

I initially marked Samson’s height in pencil, and was going to re-do it in marker, when I came across DoreDoris’ blog with her growth chart project. The Dymo labels are so up my alley—I can’t believe I’ve never thought to buy one before now. And if we have a second kid, we can mark his/her progress in a different colour—super simple.



Samson has grown an entire inch in just over a month. He’s 2’9½”. He’s not so much a chubby little toddler anymore, but a long-legged boy. I’m glad I hung this chart so early; it’s quite fascinating to watch.


* Our landlord is crazy old-fashioned and hasn’t raised rent in about 20 years (yes, our place is so cheap you would hate us if you knew what we pay), so I don’t think we ever left a deposit, but our landlord is also a sweet guy who cares about us, so I’m not ripping anything up anyway.

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