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Confessional: Showers, Shampoo and Soap

Posted in Just Sayin' by Allie on January 25, 2011


I don’t shower every day. There–I’ve said it. I sometimes don’t even shower ever other day. There–I’ve said it again! See, I have dry, sensitive skin and I’ve finally learned to heed the advice of my dermatologist–water (especially hot like I like it) is bad news for my skin. And while I’m in this confessional mood: I also don’t use soap. I rarely use deodorant. My problem?

My hair loves shampoo. Drinks it all in and looks fabulous when I’m using it, and gets all emo on me and plasters itself to my forehead the very next day.  See the thing is shampoo and hair products strip all the natural oils from your scalp which then causes your scalp to over produce oils which then causes you to want to wash your hair or don a hat.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

A few years ago I switched to the Deva Care line to combat this problem. Deva Care doesn’t use the lathering agents that dehydrate your hair, so it was good for a while. I started out with Low Poo (which uses naturally derived lathering agents), and worked my way up to No Poo (no lathering agents). I could never use just the conditioner to wash my hair like Hubby does (which is what Deva recommends), but I was able to go a few days without washing my hair, so I was happy.

Then I got pregnant. My hair was a mess. Thick and luxurious, but greasy. After struggling with it for a few weeks, I gave in and went straight for the shampoo. Unfortunately the only shampoo we had in the house was the evil laureth sulfate laden kind. It actually worked out okay for me. Samson was born, and I couldn’t shower so often anyway, and surprisingly I could go a few days without showering and my hair did not look awful. We had moved an inconvenient distance from the only place that stocks Deva Care in Toronto and I didn’t really enjoy spending that much money on shampoo anyway, so I stuck with it. That is, until all the hotel size samples got used up and I actually had to buy a bottle of shampoo. I went with a cheap, easy to find laureth sulfate free brand that Shoppers Drug Mart stopped carrying just as my hair started loving it. I could go almost a whole week without showering when I was using it. Finally, I got the bright idea to try the natural aisle at my local grocery store, and switched to Kiss My Face and my hair has been happy.

But then I read this. And I decided to challenge myself not to use ANY product in my hair. It makes sense, right? Why would our body need shampoo?! And I have proof–we have never used shampoo on Samson and he doesn’t need it.

So I’m two weeks into this experiment and I’ll be honest–I feel awful. This is the first time in a long time I actually feel dirty, which makes me want to shower more often, which defeats the original purpose. The ends of my hair are great, but the back, near the scalp constantly feels wet and oily. My bangs are limp. I can’t even remember why I started this project! I mean, do I even know who this Sean Bonner is? Why am I listening to a man who probably has short hair? Of COURSE he can go without shampoo!! Why am I doing this to myself?! I LOVE DELICIOUS YUMMY SMELLING FROTHY SHAMPOOOOOOOO!

But I haven’t given in just yet.

‘Cause I figure I can make all the grossness go away easily after just two more weeks (he says it takes about 4 weeks to adjust). And ultimately I am intrigued because my hair feels thicker and it’s easier to style. And I have NO tangles or mats even without conditioner, which is usually a big problem.

So there may be some method to this madness after all. But for now, if you happen to invite me to your house, please don’t be offended if I don’t take off my hat.

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  1. Twwly said, on January 28, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    I have a feeling the soap free stuff is for people who don’t get feces on them on a regular basis. Sigh.

    I do have a friend who went nearly a year without hair washing (long hair too), though she is back at shampoo again, if that says anything………

  2. […] this good, I would've tried this a long time ago. Remember the fiasco where I tried to go a month without shampoo and felt (and looked) dirty and gross, so I celebrated at the end of 4 weeks by washing my hair? […]

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