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Posted in toddler by Allie on December 14, 2010


We did baby signing because at 15 months he can say: Tree. Pig. Butterfly. Baby. Cow. Train. Book. (!) Meatball. Boat. Ball. Ball. Ball. Dog. Dog. Dog. Tiger. Flower. Water. Cat. Bubbles. Spider. Squirrel. Cheerios. Cookie. Bunny. Guitar. Banana. Train. Fish. Apple. Dada. More. Whale. All done. Potty. Airplane. Again. Again. Again. Horse. Milk. Blueberries. More. More. More. Bear. Bread. Caterpillar. Crocodile. Train. Train. Train. But he can only say: Guck (truck). Esayne (Train). Ish-ah (Fish). Es-ah (Addie). Mama. Dada. Buh-y-ba-buy (blueberries) and various animal sounds. Our lives are richer because the boy can speak communicate with his hands.

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