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The duck (does not) stop here

Posted in toddler by Allie on November 6, 2010

Thank goodness Auntie Calla decided to shoot video for Samson’s first Halloween because this little duck is impossible to keep still. Mr. S had no idea why we were stopping at houses (having little to no interest in candies), but walking along the sidewalk without holding an adult’s hand was pretty fun. Until the sidewalk kept going and going and there seemed to be no destination. *cue baby duck sitting in a big pile of leaves* or *cue duck deciding to run into the road* or, most often *insert wild flapping of duck arms*.

Stay tuned for video sometime after the wedding season is over (give her a break—she had 40-something weddings this year!). In the meantime, we took the duck out to the beach the day after Halloween, in an attempt to get a good portrait in his costume. No luck. This duck stops for no one. This is what I managed to snap.

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  1. kaska said, on November 8, 2010 at 11:46 am

    To taka nie straszaca kaczka. Dobrze ze jest sezon na pieczone gesi a nie kaczki, bo jest do zchrupania….

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