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Choo Choo!

Posted in toddler, video by Allie on October 23, 2010

Samson’s 13 months old today. He’s still blond, and he’s a clever little fellow. He points at everything and asks “ess ah?” (what’s it?). He can sign fish, train, milk, airplane, butterfly, caterpillar, bear, squirrel, horse, ball, dog, water. He can make cat, dog, airplane, train, pig, duck and cow noises. His favourite foods are meatballs, apples, bananas, kiwi, melon, bread, crackers, and cheerios. His favourite toys are his books. He has two freckles—one on his cheek and one on his tummy. (I checked; they’re not dirt.) He’s just about to get his first molar and a bottom tooth that’ll even out the asymmetrical look he’s been sporting since the summer. He goes poo in the potty, and prefers walking to crawling. He’s our toddles.

Oh and he’s obsessed with fish (mostly because of Finding Nemo, but he did know the sign before and even saw real fish at the zoo), trucks, airplanes and trains. It’s actually a pretty awesome video if you don’t have to watch it 14 times a day. (The 2:50 mark is Samson’s favourite part.).

And if you’re still reading and are still interested here’s the inevitable part of the blog where I post a video of Samson’s adorable reaction to the aforementioned train video.

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