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First Day Back

Posted in inspiration by Allie on October 1, 2010

Tomorrow’s my first day back at work. 12 hours away from Baby-o. I’m nervous. A bit stressed. Excited.

I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort lately to remember that the baby, the dog, and the girl making my coffee do not know when I am having a stressful day, and nor should they. Lashing out only feels better for the instant in which it is happening. Right after you feel remorse, shame. My mood is my own, and I’m trying to be better about that.

And so for a Baby-o who’s going to have a long day away from Mommy, for a Mommy who’s trying to remember how to function away from her baby, for a Daddy on his own with a psychotic dog and a (perhaps) cranky baby: let’s remember we’re in this together. I know we’ll all be fine–I mean, we’ve been preparing–but I also know we’re all in for a pretty rough day.

I’m not usually one for inspirational quotations, but these just popped up in my inbox via The Storque when I needed them most, and I know I’ve been lax in updating Of Note, so I thought I’d share.

Happy Friday. Happy Weekend. Be good to each other.


the journey by volume twenty five


Live Your Dream by artsyville


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  1. Len said, on October 1, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    You can do it munchkins! Good luck! xoxoxox

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