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Posted in baby, on Toronto by Allie on August 11, 2010

















Last week Samson, Auntie Calla and I packed up our lo-fi cameras and headed out to The Island. It was high time–I hadn’t been out there since I was 3 (despite being born and raised in Toronto), and I really like being on or near the water, and am trying to take advantage of our proximity to the lake more often (I happen to be the Mayor of the Cherry Beach off-leash dog park, don’t ‘ya know).image

I’m not going to get too hokey here, but honestly something is happening to me that I never expected. It goes without saying that we (as parents) love reliving and experiencing things we take for granted through our kids. Samson loves the animals at the farm, loved riding the carousel, and his first experience with books or movies is always a truly amazing thing for him. Last week we played the beginning of Finding Nemo and even before the fish showed up he was fascinated by the light coming through the water. Even something simple as getting a banana at the market makes him giddy, and you can’t help but not be excited for him, but with him as well. I digress.

Because I’m addicted to these first experiences of his, I’m finding myself drawn to–I never thought I’d say these words–play groups. Mommy cafes. Signing classes. Amusement parks. Gymboree. Go figure.




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