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Flaming Lips

Posted in baby, Parenting by Allie on July 23, 2010


July 8th, Samson attended his first concert: The Flaming Lips at the Molson Amphitheatre. He liked the big balloons. Two guys sitting next to us caught one of them for him so he could see it up close. He fell asleep towards the end with minimal fussing. We (as parents) were a huge hit. People stopped us to tell us we were the BEST parents, Hubby got to flirt with ladies swooning over the baby, and I saw men noticing Samson and nudging their girlfriends to look at the baby. That’s partly because he looked super cute in his ear muffs, which also guaranteed it looked like we thought through the whole bringing-a-baby-to-a-concert thing right to the end. Honestly, we never thought twice about bringing him, because we expected to see more babies—especially at this venue, where usually you can get lawn seats. And if there was any reaction I was expecting it was one more of annoyance from other concert goers. I’m not going to go on too much about preparedness and over-thinking things as a parent, but I really think the best experiences your parents can offer you are the ones they didn’t think twice about—all that stuff that doesn’t come out of a book, but just seems natural. . ..  .  .


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