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scenes from our weekend

Posted in home life, on family by Allie on June 2, 2010

Last weekend. Better late than never, right?

Peanut was my official assistant at a tree planting picnic. He acted as a very good counterweight to my camera. Best part of the picnic? I built a birdhouse. And got a certificate of achievement. Oh yes. (Never you mind it says Kids Workshop on it. I declined out of respect for the children milling about, and the lady begged me to build one. Who was I to refuse? I had my eye on those birdhouses all day!)

We also had a lovely picnic (my first real honest-to-goodness picnic on blankets) with Uncle Jon and Auntie Kathleen. Delicious Smitten Kitchen food was served. Also, despite having a tan, my baby appears to have no pigment when he’s around his Uncle Jon.

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