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Scenes from Mother’s Day

Posted in home life, on family by Allie on May 13, 2010

Don’t be fooled. It may look sunny and nice, but it was frackin’ freezing. Nevertheless, we braved the wind and had burgers outdoors at Ms. Evans’ house for my first Mother’s Day. Hubby assembled her BBQ and gave her some grilling lessons (he’s a good big brother), and *I* got a cake (white with white icing), and a gift certificate to the spa! My feet (and face) need some TLC.

Mr. S slept through the night leading up to Mother’s Day and said ‘mama’ the day before. I got cuddles throughout the day, and a very sweet, sleepy cuddle in the bath in the evening. ‘Mama’ has not been heard since (he’s moved on to ‘rarararara’), and he’s back to having some snacks at night, but the day was still a huge success.


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