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How many toys does a baby really need?

Posted in baby, home life, on boys by Allie on April 26, 2010

Mr. S turned 7 months this weekend. He is still all ‘dadadadada’ all the time, enjoys peaches the most, followed by avocados with bananas, thinks jumping = standing, and still loves black and white patterns. That’s not necessarily a problem; it’s actually kind of funny considering nothing is made for babies in black and white. I foresee him becoming a painter that works exclusively in those shades, leading people to think he’s dark and brooding, but really he’s just channelling the best and happiest years of his life. However, because his mummy is a huge fan of damask, many of our not-for-babies items are now in danger. Our placemats, my coffee cups, our plates, some of the art on our walls, and even his beloved mobile is now in danger of his grabby little hands. In the car, I hang our babyhawk on the backseat for him to look at. Just as I’m getting it up there, his feet start kicking with joy and he gleefully shouts out, and continues chatting with it during our drive, especially if the light changes on its surface. “Hey!—Do you know mobile?!”

Mr. S’ favourite toys are his tag blankie, Sophie, his wooden camera, his Fisher-Price ring thing, spoons and the giraffe I made him. Close seconds: the box his blocks go into, the cube I sewed for him, and this jungle thing, only he uses the whole thing as a toy, flips it upside-down and chews on the bottom. So I count 9.  Now should I count the tags on clothing, his diapers, ribbons and strings, plaid clothing and daddy’s watch? What about mirrors, bibs and his toes? What about this new toy we “made” for him to distract him from our placemats?

Yes, that is a dishtowel with two knots in it. The truth is, you don’t need many toys for a baby, and for goodness sake don’t buy expensive ones. I’m not saying you should buy cheap plastic stuff that you’d be afraid to put in your mouth, but pay for quality, not doo-dads or fads. Cause in the end, they’re going to play with the box it came in anyway.

Or they’ll try to steal your camera. That toy’s gonna cost me. ;)

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