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Of Note: Nova Scotia

Posted in Of Note on Etsy, on Canada by Allie on April 21, 2010



My best friend and his family moved to Nova Scotia when we were in Grade 7, which, though sad, gave me an opportunity to explore the east coast of Canada. I have fond memories of sitting in his parents’ store in the brewery market playing poker for toothpicks and eating Prince Polos; having to ride a rather shoddy bike to Atlantic Playland only to find it was closed, instead swimming in some lake by a freeway that was red and littered with rusting metal objects which made me consider how one contracts tetanus for the first time in my life. I don’t know if it’s because Halifax is smaller and safer than Toronto, but his parents let us do things I’m quite sure my parents never would, which was pretty empowering in those early teen years. Also his mom remains one of my uber design role models.

Happy Wednesday.


1. Custom Paper Free Invitations from O Happy Day, Halifax, NS.

2. Iggy, the handmade wooden buoy [Straight off the East Coast comes Iggy, a slightly nervous buoy whose unnatural fear of water has left him slightly paranoid as he whispers "Is it bad to admit that I don’t know how to swim?".] from Isabelle Pineau of An Oddity or Two Bedford, NS.

3. Mandala Silk-Lined Clutch from Mermaids Dream, Halifax, NS.

4. Good Day Bear from Good Day Studio, Dartmouth, NS.

5. Red Dog Yellow Dog from 29 Black Street, a tiny seaside village, NS.

6. Neon Cowl, from Pip Robins, Halifax, NS. [I added Ms. Robins to my favourite list ages ago, and only now realized she’s Canadian. This is not the first time this has happened on my tour across Canada.]

7. Dirty Duck from Wild Life Prints, Halifax, NS.

8. THE ELEMENTS, an All Natural Children’s Felt book from Little Bits Books, NS.

9. Scoop in Azure from Tara Grude, Halifax, NS.

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  1. […] nine items that share a theme. My Good Day Bear print shared the theme of being Nova Scotian in this post from April […]

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