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Of Note: New Brunswick

Posted in Of Note on Etsy, on Canada by Allie on April 14, 2010



When my family took a cross-country car trip to Nova Scotia, I came down with some sort of virus. When we stopped in Moncton for the night, my fever went through the roof and my parents rushed me to the hospital. The doctor spoke minimal English, but we understood I had a veeral infeksheeon. All I remember of Moncton was the shag carpet in the motel. Or maybe that was just the fever talking.

New Brunswick is home to the Bay of Fundy, which boasts one of the highest vertical tidal range in the world. I have vague recollections of being there, which makes me realize I have to do all these trips over again now that I’m an adult and have a good camera*.

It’s Wednesday, folks! I’m going to be making some carrots for Peanut and perhaps a Cardamom Vanilla Pound Cake. I also have 1kg of cream cheese to use up, so I’ll be searching for ideas for that. (I’m open to suggestions!)

Oh, and taxes. Hump Day, you’ve done it again.

What are you up to today? Something infinitely more fun that what I’m up to, I hope. Like shopping in New Brunswick!


1. Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard from Reclaim Frames, Fredericton, NB.

2. Yellow Vintage Lucite Earrings from Wild Woman Jewelry, Fredericton, NB.

3. Lumber Jillian Neckwarmer (Pattern) from Bella McBride, NB.

4. Harnessed Rabbit and Gnome from McBride House, NB.

5. Pretty Measuring Cups from JuJo’s Attic, NB.

6. Wool Baby Slippers from Handknit Hugs, Quispamsis, NB.

7. Natural Impressions Stoneware Buttons from Branch Designs, Northern NB.

8. Porcelain Owl Beads from Tofu Kitty, NB.

9. Wild Orchids Shawl from Evelda’s Neverland, Fredericton, NB.


* Which I will not use because I’d much rather holgalomoroid my face off.

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