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Before upcycling was cool

Posted in crafty, Nostalgia by Allie on April 13, 2010

Before upcycling was cool my mom made this toy box for me. She covered a cylindrical box in shelf liner—can you guess what she repurposed to make it?




It’s a cheddar box! — just a sturdy, cardboard box in which they deliver cheddar, which she got when she used to work for Cheese Boutique. Do my parents have a special brand of crafty—a perfect mix of creativity and frugalness which came from growing up in Communist Poland (my dad can make you an electric guitar out of a acoustic guitar and a tin can*), only strengthened by emigrating to a new country with very little money? Or were we all more likely to see things still had life in them in previous generations and would think twice before we sent something to the landfill? Doesn’t it just break your heart to know that now, to get a box like this, you’d probably have to pay through the nose?

I’ll have to search for a picture of the shelves my dad made in our old apartment—they were hipster cool. What did your parents make before upcycling was cool?


(Baby in a cheddar box. Image from Widmer’s Cheese Cellars)

* Ahem. I just received a phone call. Apparently he needs a plastic box, a magnet and wire. Doesn’t sound any less MacGyver to me. Even Martha Stewart needs scissors and glue for her crafts.

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