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Tikka House

Posted in baby, on family by Allie on April 9, 2010

Some of you may not know this, but the main reason we continue to be shocked by Samson’s Polish blondness is not that my family looks more Russian than Polish, or that no one in either of our immediate families is blond (well, I guess some great-grandparents were/are, but that’s easy to forget since we’ve always known them as grey-haired people). The real reason is that Samson has some brown in him!–and, in fact, he carries a brown name. Hubby is half Indian—his people landed in South Africa before eventually, generations later, emigrating to Canada. Though Hubby is decidedly beige after being mixed with some Italian and Irish cream, there was a possibility something would skip a generation and Samson would come out darker than his daddy. Obviously, he didn’t, and now we await the day when judging by his name people will expect one thing, but get another. I think that’s quite apropos for these here modern times.

On Monday, we  had an amazing meal with Samson’s Great Auntie, Great Uncle, and Auntie at Lahore Tikka House, which is an experience in itself. Half in a old trailer/shack thing with 70s-style wood panelling, and half in a new complex with a state-of-the-art banquet hall (and bathrooms!), this place is a feast for the eyes and for the tummy. The food got our noses running, and though Samson didn’t get to taste any of it, he slept soundly in a way he rarely does in the warmth of the stewing spices. He may have been the whitest person in the joint–at least the whitest person with a brown name.

We sat back and let Auntie Joshna order for us.

I learned Tikka Masala is a dish probably “invented” after someone sent Chicken Tikka back saying it was too dry, at which point someone (perhaps in Scotland?!) mixed it with some masala, yogurt, and cream they had around. I also learned Butter Chicken is the deep dish pizza of Indian cuisine. We had some Tikka Masala (pictured above), but no butter chicken.

They also let me take some photos in the kitchen. Check out Mr. Tandoor’s shirt.


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