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Of Note: Saskatchewan

Posted in Of Note on Etsy by Allie on March 17, 2010


My mom once spent 6 months in Regina, Saskatchewan on business. She claims that other than some less-than-sober locals and the discount Bay (or perhaps it was Eaton’s) there were no attractions. She and some colleagues took a trip up to Moosejaw one weekend, mostly because of the joke: Where the heck’s moosejaw? About 4 feet from his ass! My mom came home with enough discounted glass Pyrex bowls to supply all her friends with one or two of their own. I think she limited herself to purchasing one per day—to pass the time.

I don’t want to say all there is to Saskatchewan is the prairies and…well, the prairies, but c’mon people! Most of you on Etsy say you’re from Saskatchewan. Full stop. No city. Like the whole province is the same. So now if you guys say that, how are we Ontarians not supposed to think the stereotypes are true?

Without further ado: Saskatchewan. No wheat*, folks!



1. Hand Forged Horseshoe Hoof Pick from Ridgway Forge, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

2. Organic Buckwheat* Hulls {because I once contemplated filling a pillow for Addie with buckwheat} from Ritzys All Naturals, Saskatchewan.

3. Black and White Vintage Lace Trivet from Aradia’s Gallery, Saskatchewan? Manitoba? I’m going to go with Saskatchewan.

4. City Girl Blues Lap Quilt from Quilt Lover, Saskatchewan.

5. Knitting Row Counter* from Muddy Paws Knit Knacks, Regina, Saskatchewan. {I’m not sure how this works, but it looks intriguing. Comes with instructions.}

6. Coffee Cozy, Birds from Lucalou, Regina, Saskatchewan.

7.  Navy Seagull Shakers from coucou vintage, somewhere between Saskatoon Saskatchewan, and Montreal Quebec. Today—you’re from Saskatchewan!

8. Tea Wallet, Alexander Henry Tattoo Print {for the tea lover on the go–lets you carry your tea with you!} from Joyful Earth, Regina, Saskatchewan.

9. Reusable Eco-Friendly Snack Bag, Pink Birds from Jill With Love, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


* Ooops.

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  1. sarasal said, on March 17, 2010 at 8:50 am

    as a fellow saskatchewan-er, who now resides in toronto and have to vehemently defend my province at every opportunity, i say bravo to this post.

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