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Monday, March 1st

Posted in on running by Allie on March 1, 2010

I never make resolutions to start things on the first of the month. Certainly not on the first day of the week. I think I must have been one of those this is my last chip; the diet starts MONDAY people and at some point I realized there’s just too much pressure when you set a goal like that. I will often say I’m going to do something out loud, so others can hold me to it; I make lists of things I want to do, but beyond that I just do them. And then they’re done.

Today, after realizing the stroller wasn’t in the car, so my regular drive to the beach with dog and baby would require some (annoying and awkward) maneuvering, and after polling Hubby about the state of the roads and whether he thought I should walk or drive to the beach, and looking down at my outfit and realizing it could pass as a running outfit, I made a spur of the moment decision–today’s the day I get back into running. I laced up my (dusty!) shoes, packed the baby into the stroller, leashed the dog, installed drivers and quickly set up my new Sportband while baby and dog fussed a bit, locked up the front wheel of our Bob, and was off.

Oh, but first, the obligatory picture and tweet. Just so I didn’t chicken out on the way. (Obviously, I was in a hurry. Typo!)

Wading through the mud and melting snow at the beach in my lightweight runners was not fun. Nor was running back with wet socks.

My shoulders are a bit stiff from having to hold the stroller (that’s always been a place of tension for me), but overall the run was pretty good, if I do say so myself. I was actually on pace with how I was running a year ago.

And then the the gravity of today’s date hit me. Monday. March. The FIRST. My first run in a year; my first run post-baby; my first run with a stroller–on the 1st. Of March. Monday, March 1st. Well. That just throws all spontaneity out the window, doesn’t it?


Now comes the real question: How the heck do I clean this thing?


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