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Of Note: The System is Down

Posted in Of Note on Etsy, Weddings by Allie on February 17, 2010

My computer is on the fritz. Again. Dell is putting it right this time and has offered me a new computer (yay!), but it’ll take 4 weeks to deliver (boo!). So I’m stuck backing everything up so I can become a little digital nomad with my external drive and see if I can do some work from Hubby’s computer for a while (this one’s video card/driver/motherboard are shot, so SEEING things is quite optional on this machine). I’d advise you not to buy the 1420, but Dell has stopped making it (probably because they know this model was a dud). I cannot wait for 2011 when my warranty runs out and I can buy a Mac: can you say–HELVETICA!?!

So, this is a truncated episode (is that right?!) of Of Note (oh, wow, that doesn’t seem right), but whoa boy, this item does not leave anything to be desired.

Folks, those are cookies. COOKIES. As in Chips Ahoy, Peak Freans, your mama’s shortbread–and THESE things, which look like they belong in a cathedral in Spain. I’d go out and buy a dozen from Whipped Bake Shop right now if I didn’t already know I would never have the guts to actually eat them. They’ve just opened up their own online shop–amazing stuff. Oh, how I’d love to photograph something like this at a wedding.

(I don’t know why someone would have altimeter cookies at their wedding, but these are just amazing. Esquire would be proud.)

(all photos: Whipped Bakeshop)

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  1. Lis Carpenter said, on February 18, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Hi cool blog. I found it because I was looking for digital nomads. Those cookies do look amazing!

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