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Framing & Bob Ross

Posted in crafty by Allie on February 11, 2010

I thought I’d post someome low-key crafts while I furiously work to catch up on a backlog of wedding albums and my big craft project for Valentine’s Day.

I recently took (stole) a bunch of unused frames from my parents’ basement and decided to finally frame some things I’ve had lying around.

You may remember this:

Well, a while back I purchased this from Accessory Addiction to go with it, and today it’s finally up.

I also managed to cut and frame some wrapping paper that’s been laying around for my framing project for the laundry room.

When I was going through the frames at my parents’ house, I actually stumbled upon this, which is one of the first crafts I remember doing myself. I mean, we all did crafts at school–tissue paper covered bottles, hardened play-doh hearts, pine cones adorned with cotton, masquerading as owls–but this was the first time I saw something and without a teacher or Highlights magazine to help me, decided I was going to make it myself.

Believe it or not, this is a child’s rendition of a Bob Ross painting.

I cut that “canvas” out of the middle of a tablecloth, and painted it with watercolours. Yep. Signed my name and everything.

At least my mom had the decency to frame it, rather than kick me out for the whole tablecloth thing.

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