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Chalkboard Paint Cubby Box

Posted in baby, crafty, on boys by Allie on February 6, 2010

I’ve searched, but I don’t have a before picture of this box. Trust me when I say it was quite awful. I have spent way too much time on this today, but I have found two (somewhat) suitable before shots of this cubby box. I just couldn’t trust you to imagine how ugly this thing was.

Okay, so they’re not the best before pictures, but you get the idea. (Although it gives you a pretty neat before of Peanut’s room.) Can you believe I stained that thing in those colours on purpose? I bought it at Ikea in high school to house my CDs, and I guess the idea was to paint it to match my room (which was/is yellow with oh-I-totally-would-have-been-reading-Twilight-back-then crimson* trim). After Hubby and I moved in together, it housed various odds and ends (mostly photographic in nature), but I always hid it somewhere in a corner or behind a couch because I hated the colours. I had wanted a minty sort of green for the outside, but it ended up being more forest green. And what possessed me to paint the drawers both red crimson and yellow? Only a teenager would know.

In any case, in my nesting phase, early into the sixth month, I decided to give it new life.

First, I painted it white! I opted to not paint the inside of the drawers. Partly Mostly because I was lazy, but also because I thought Mr. S would enjoy a little surprise pop of colour inside the drawers. He’ll be able to keep whatever he wants in here–rocks, acorns, candies–I don’t know–anything a little boy needs to store. Then, I painted the front of the drawers in chalkboard paint, so he’ll be able to change the filing system as often as he likes. Or, you know, he can just scribble on it.

Here’s the result:


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