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Ribbon Mobiles

Posted in baby, crafty by Allie on February 2, 2010

Craft Month continues with — Ribon Mobiles! You thought I forgot, didn’t you?! Nope, just a bit delayed as we had to run out and pick up a forgotten Sophie from Auntie Calla’s.  Someone’s teething!

I made Mr. S two ribbon mobiles à la Martha Stewart. Super easy to make, just a bit finicky and time consuming, as projects with a glue gun often are. You need no sewing skills–just ribbon, glue and an embroidery hoop. Just take the inside ring of the hoop and glue ribbons of various colours and lengths around the perimeter. I highly recommend it as a shower gift that doesn’t take much work, but is sure to impress.

My tips: remember to slightly singe the ends of the ribbon so they don’t fray. Second, I think Martha says to use white glue, but the glue gun was just much faster, especially when you’re using satin ribbon that’s slippery. Third, because you can’t really see from Martha’s picture (I remember having a dilemma about this and asking Hubby for his opinion is never a good idea), I’d recommend folding each ribbon in half so you have an equal amount of the right side of the ribbon facing both the outside and inside of the mobile. Baby’s mostly looking at the inside, but you can keep the outside looking nice for yourself as well.

The embroidery hoops are cheap–less than 5 dollars a piece. The ribbon can run you a bit, especially if you don’t have a stash already. I bought some at Fabricland by the metre–small amounts of the thicker ones or pretty ones that I really wanted. The rest I bought on spools at Zellers (like Target) for about 20 bucks. If you make them monochromatic like I did, it’s easy to make them look more dramatic by using small amounts of the patterned or textured ribbons (more expensive) and filling the rest out with just plain, one-coloured ribbon. Experiment with the lengths and with the way you cut the ribbon. I cut some straight, some angled, and some with double points.

The first one I made is a large, red and aqua one to hang over his crib. Mr. S is a co-sleeping kind of guy, so he only started spending time in his crib recently, mostly when I’m sewing at the table next to him. Still, every once in a while we put him in the crib and he’s mesmerized it.

The second one I made as an afterthought. I was going down the checklist of things you need when you have a new baby, and one of the things the Sears‘ mentioned was a black and white mobile above the change table. Our change table is the dryer (equipped with a change pad on top), but luckily there’s a curtain rod right above it from which we could hang the mobile. I bought a slightly smaller embroidery hoop because I was sure we wouldn’t really need it, so I didn’t want to spend too much money on it. Boy, was I wrong! This is an essential for a new mom and dad! This mobile is the single most amazing thing Samson has ever seen. His eyes learned to track on it; it was the first thing he smiled at (even before his parents). When you’d take him to get changed in the night he’d take one look at it after waking up and smile the most adorable, lazy, little half-asleep smile. Seriously, nothing can calm this baby or make him as happy as this mobile–even now, at 4 months.


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  1. Cyberlurve « Sevemama said, on February 8, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    […] sincerest form of flattery, which is what I kept telling myself as I bought $35 of ribbon for the ribbon mobile […]

  2. A Cute Mobile | Boosie's Blog said, on February 10, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    […] can find more information about this mobile on the TinyPants site.  This is very cute and when we have another child, I definitely plan to make something like […]

  3. Cyberlurve « Joy and Woe said, on February 23, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    […] sincerest form of flattery, which is what I kept telling myself as I bought $35 of ribbon for the ribbon mobile […]

  4. […] in danger. Our placemats, my coffee cups, our plates, some of the art on our walls, and even his beloved mobile is now in danger of his grabby little hands. In the car, I hang our babyhawk on the backseat for […]

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