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Of Note on Etsy

Posted in Of Note on Etsy by Allie on January 27, 2010

I am subscribed to a lot of design and craft blogs. Since I haven’t done much designing in recent memory, I feel I should at least keep abreast of the latest styles and trends. The thing is, sometimes, like when my unread count in the Design folder of my Google Reader is  700+, going through and reading all the items is like work. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the blogs I’m subscribed to, and I’d miss them if I unsubscribed, but yes, sometimes looking at all those pretty things is tedious.

The one true exception to that rule is The Storque and anything to do with Etsy. I love seeing the things people have put together, going into my Etsy and adding new items and new sellers to my favourites. I am eagerly awaiting the fabled favourite tagging feature. Sometimes I go to Etsy just to browse the Treasury. My obsession allows me to send links to friends who are looking for neat things, but I have so many favourites left over that I feel the need to share. I will never be able/allowed to buy them all up, and really, I can’t keep putting everything on my own wishlist. So–!

To brighten up your Wednesdays, I’ll now be posting my own Etsy finds*! Welcome, readers, to Of Note on Etsy! The inaugural post includes some of my all-time favourites, and quite a few of these shops are currently up for Poppies! Enjoy.

1. Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers from Japan at Vintage Goodies.

2. Red Poppies Wall Wear from Montrealer (!) Nea Wear.

3. Royal Blue Filigree Cotton Tea Towel from Flower Press.

4. Yarn, Royal Flush Colourway from Tanis Fiber Arts (another Canadian!).

5. Ball Mason Jar Votive Lantern from Alissa Ettinger.

6. Vintage Little Red Sewing Machine from bellalulu.

7. Marine Animals Poster from Banquet.

8. Grey Shawl with Crocheted Lace from Afra.

9. Folklore and Fun Plate from Ninainvorm.

*I am by no means the first person to do this. Here are my favourite Etsy Find Blogs: Etsy Finds Friday at The Long Thread, Take 5 Tuesdays at Decor8 and Daily Style at Dooce.

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  1. Janick said, on January 27, 2010 at 11:50 am

    S-WEET! Thanks for having my Poppies ;)

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