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Sneak Peek

Posted in baby, Photos by Allie on October 5, 2009

Last week, Samson’s Auntie Calla and I put him through a crash course in baby modelling, and he was nothing short of a trooper.

1 vintage scale

1 Le Creuset dutch oven

1 picnic basket

2 yards of gingham

6 alphabet blocks

1 serving platter

1 pack Polaroid Spectra film, saved from 2007, specifically for baby

2 poops

1 pee

1 change of clothes for mommy

3+ changes of clothes for Samson

3 blankets

1 handknit scarf

1 quick laundry cycle

1 mantle

5 balls of yarn

1 bamboo tray

…make for an amazing set of photos, that we’re quite sure, being a guy, Samson won’t really appreciate, but his wife is going to LOVE.

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