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Posted in baby, on boys, on growing up by Allie on September 29, 2009

He was “…from his mother’s womb / Untimely ripped.” ~ Shakespeare

Perhaps not quite so untimely, but on September 24th, at 5:04pm, after 36+ hours of labour, my darling little Samson was born by cesarean section. Hubby and I never really went through the whole “he’ll have your eyes, but hopefully my nose” thing, but the unspoken concensus was this would be a swarthy baby. I often had to convince myself that I could and would be pleased with a little ape.

Well, instead, I got a chirpy little bird fellow. I think his Polish animal name* is destined to be ptaszek, which is rather unfortunately also a euphemism for what makes him a little boy. Perhaps we can think of something a bit more manly for him like hawk or stork or chicken or something.

Samson, where did you come from?

Samson, 1 day old by you.

Samson, 1 day old by you.


* Everyone Polish has an animal name their family knows them by. Seriously. Ask them. Fathers are usually misiu (bear). My mom’s żabcia (frog). I think I used to be rybka (fish) for my mom, and małpiszon (monkey) for my dad. I’ve also known a piesek (dog), and a myszka (mouse).

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