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Nellie’s Dryer Balls

Posted in Uncategorized by Allie on September 2, 2009

This recent post on Re-Nest about giving up dryer sheets in favour of nothing at all has prompted me to tell you about my new favourite laundry tool. You’re not supposed to use dryer sheets for baby clothes because they say using them may cause your baby to burst into flames or have an allergic reaction or get some sort of cancer. Some people use the unscented kind, but faced with the prospect of buying another box of dryer sheets that are baby friendly and having to remember which ones to put into the dryer at what time, I looked into these dryer balls. See, I’m not really green, and I’m not a fanatic about non-toxic things, but I am cheap. Twenty dollars for two little balls that fluff, soften, and eliminate static for at least two years? Sign me up. If you are a fanatic about things plastic, they also come in the PVC-free variety, and you can even buy lavender inserts to make your stuff smell nice.

These little Nellies have been working fabulously. No static, clothes are soft, they decrease drying time (so now I can actually dry even heavy things like towels in our old dryer on the low heat cycle!), and my absolute favourite feature is I never have to remember to pop them into the dryer, because they just live in there. This weekend we’re heading up to my parents’ house with our huge boxes of Kirkland brand dryer sheets under our arms, as a donation, because I won’t be using them anymore.

p.s. This is also my first time posting through Posterous. Exciting times!


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