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The alphabet is not even.

Posted in Uncategorized by Allie on August 18, 2009

I bought these cute little correspondence cards at Winners ($5.99!) to use as decoration for Peanut’s room.

So, I thought I would be smart and tested the layout in Photoshop before I went to Ikea to purchase the frame. On my computer, everything fit neatly into the frame I had chosen, and I had several options for the layout. Of course, I was too lazy to actually go and measure the cards, and assumed they were just 4x6s.  Not only did the cards not fit into the 50cm x 70cm frame I purchased, they didn’t even come close to my estimations, and so now I have 10 homeless cards.

Of course, I could just go and buy a larger frame, but the thing is: the alphabet is not even. Twenty-six letters just doesn’t divide evenly into rows, and always leaves you with an orphan line of letters. Hm. Maybe orphan isn’t the right term to use exactly, but you get my meaning? You cannot “full justifythe alphabet. Well, I guess you could but then the bottom row would be all spaced out and it would look like those documents where someone’s trying to make it look longer than it actually is.

Okay. Enough with the word processing metaphors. At some point, I’m going to have to get creative with the layout, so I figure I might as well just do it with the framing, and then maybe the little orphan letters won’t look so alone. I’m already into abstract framing and picture hanging, as I did with my Sharon Montrose prints (also in Peanut’s room):

…and as I’ve done with my burlap coffee sack in the kitchen:

So now tell me, dear readers, given the Ikea Catalogue, what would you do? I could buy two smaller frames from the same series and hope all the cards fit. I could do the rest individually, but that could get expensive. Or I could do a combination of the two. Or perhaps you’ll say I should just get one large frame because my off-kilter picture hanging techniques have just gotten out of hand! (This may actually be the cheapest way to do it. It just seems so boring!) And then comes the question, how do I mat the pictures within the frame?

So what do you say?

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