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The Coonhound Takes a Walk

Posted in Uncategorized by Allie on October 22, 2008

Addie walked herself home from the off-leash park yesterday. Hubby took her to the park, she went into stealth-mode, and just as he was starting to talk himself out of panic–she was at our front door barking to be let in.

Only–I heard her outside, but assumed hubby and doggie had run into Auntie Calla outside. So I thought nothing of it.

Until our neighbour knocked on the door. Confused, I opened the door to our neighbour holding her dog, asking, “Is that Addie?” Of course, I just thought she meant it in the is that loud and obnoxious, barking dog your husband is holding on a leash your dog? way. Silly, neighbour! Of course it is.

Then I looked past the neighbour. To my dog. On the driveway. No leash. Barking at me.


I pull the dog inside. I call hubby. I assumed he’s right behind her running because she’s somehow managed to break off the leash. No, he’s still in the woods. He goes through the crazy emotions of simultaneously realizing his dog has left the park without him and knowing that she somehow made it across three intersections including one set of traffic lights safe and sound. I’d give a million dollars to see video footage of her trotting along the sidewalk. A woman told hubby she saw her going across Sherwood, and then just turning left along Mt. Pleasant towards home. If I didn’t automatically start thinking about how my hound could have died, that’s some funny shit.

Living with a hound, you know this will happen one day. Other hound owners warn you. You try to be careful because you don’t want to be the dope that lost their hound while off-leash so everyone can call you a dope to your face. But after 3 years we thought the worst was over. We’ve become too comfortable. She’ll back to wearing a bell while off-leash FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

At least she knows where home is. Too bad we’re moving soon.

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