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5 Peaks, Albion Hills

Posted in Uncategorized by Allie on September 23, 2008

On September 13th, I completed my first public run. 7.1 km. Albion Hills. Hills. Did I mention the hills? Very narrow paths. A lot of twists and turns. But I made it. In 45:07:1, which made me 54th  out of 164 women running the race. Pretty cool.

An emotional day to say the least. I won’t mention the meltdown over the forgotten wallet that caused us to be an hour behind schedule.  I will say that rounding the corner up to the parking lot, when I heard the din of the speakers at the start/finish line, I cried. Totally involuntarily. And I cried crossing the start and finish line, but I knew that would happen.

Thank you to hubby, Calla, Steve, Sammy and Addie for cheering me on. (And to Calla for the following photos.)

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  1. Nathan said, on September 24, 2008 at 9:54 pm


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