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The 14km Walk

Posted in Uncategorized by Allie on April 20, 2008

We didn’t plan on 4 hours of walking. It all started with Sherwood, our beloved park, being partially closed for construction. Addie just doesn’t get enough exercise there anymore, so we’ve had to start walking to Sunnybrook Park. Sunnybrook Park connects to a bunch of other parks, so I came up with the brilliant idea today to walk to The Real Canadian Superstore to purchase the supplies for the pizza I was making for dinner. Poochie would be tired, we would have food. Well.

Dear Toronto,

Great parks. Invest in maps.

Hugs and kisses,


Oh, we got to the Superstore, but apparently having a good sense of direction is actually a hindrance in Toronto parks. Picking a landmark in the distance does not help, as the trails never go in that direction, and the signs along the way are extremely misleading. Apparently, to get to Leslie and Eglinton, we actually had to follow the sign “To Davisville and TTC”. Who knew?! Luckily there was a policeman on the way who gave us some good directions so that we were actually able to complete the walk that we had planned in the first place, but by that point our silly following of the signs had added an extra 2k to the walk. The walk back was much faster, and thankfully I had the idea to snack on the apples we had bought, so bitchabetes* never set in. Sure, we were sore, tired and grumpy by the time we got home, but it was a good walk. Poochie was so tired she forgot about was unconscious for dinnertime.

Oh and I got some good pictures.

A very steep way in.

Strapping on the bear bell. (So we know where she is. Not because there are bears.)

Click on the picture to see where the hound is.

Another link.

Tired puppy. And we’re only at 2km!

Strapping her back in.

I hate this stupid thing.

Sunnybrook Stables.

There must have been some sort of Boston Terrier Society out and about. There were 10 of these little guys running around.

Rather unfortunate name for a park.

What the…?!

Very steep hill at the Science Centre.

Back in the Sunnybrook Ravine, off leash. The craziness was a bit more subdued by this point, but she still gave it a good go.

Hubby complaining about me being too slow.

(W: Will you take my picture? H: This isn’t MEXICO!) The honeymoon is OVER!


Leaving Sunnybrook. Almost home.

* Bitchabetes: The bitchy mood that results from low blood sugar due to lack of food.


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  1. sara said, on April 21, 2008 at 9:27 am

    you should ask calla about our first experience with trying to find a landmark (aka: brickworks) without having a map, and on foot. same situation exactly.

  2. My Yurt Needs a Bathtub @ bee + daddoo said, on January 12, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    […] and that occasionally we may even creep over into hippie. Hubby and I do our fair share of walking, we religiously walk our dog (and not around the block, but on what would more accurately be called […]

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